Patent Highlights

At KRUTSCH, we often serve our clients as a de facto Systems Designer or Architect.

We comprehend customer needs, designing functionally correct and subjectively pleasing products.

What we do is inventive design, with 12 patents awarded on behalf of our clients.



A design patent awarded for a unique packaging of IoT devices. The devices are presented over a quick start mural that illustrates the device's relationship with the utility and network eco-system. This solved a difficult UX challenge for consumers doing the installation.


IoT device discovery can be problematic, depending on the sequence in which devices are powered on or configured. In designing the UX for a family of products, we invented a robust network discovery technique.


To test out photo sharing concepts, we designed an app that brings voice annotation to a still photo as a starting point. This patented technology is the first of several solutions bringing human dialogue to images shared via social media, which our client evolved into commercial apps in the ancestry, medical and sales fields.

Qualitative Research

Qualitative research yields a detailed and unconstrained understanding of customer experiences.

The trick is to figure out what’s generally true - separating quirks from common behavior.

When we interview customers 1-1, we always discover things not known or understood by our client.


Competitive Analysis

Product Strategy provides overall direction to the team and centers on specifying thoughtful product objectives and plans, often over a series of design, development, release and support iterations.

Competitive Analysis is an essential component of product strategy.

Our product work has been recognized by industry analysts and Editor’s Choice awards, as well as finalist selections for Best of Show at CES and VMworld.

03-Magnitude 3D Model 3000.jpg

ICON - A Next-gen Enterprise Storage Manager

Our client engaged us for a user study of the development partner community, which revealed the need to rearchitect the underlying embedded systems. We lead the architecture and design of the world's first web services based infrastructure for enterprise storage management, called ICON Services.

With ICON Services under development, we then switched gears and embarked on a comprehensive user study, culminating in the design and deployment of the award winning ICON Manager platform.


Full-stack Ux Design

Our clients typically start with a combination of the items described below.

A Customer Survey and Strategic Analysis to guide a future product or an End-User Study and Workflow Development to improve an existing service.

Our à la carte approach lets you tailor our services to meet your specific needs.


Customer Study & Workflow

  1. Customer Survey - review how customers perceive you, your products or services

  2. End-user Study - test the usability of an offering

  3. Strategic Analysis - map our recommendations for the future direction of a product

  4. Workflow Development - diagram the ideal series of steps your customers take to achieve an end-goal


Wireframes & Visual Language

  1. Wireframe Set - hand and digital sketches demonstrate initial user interface options

  2. Visual Styles - wireframes build a visual language

  3. Static Storyboards - create high-fidelity illustrations that show the ideal customer journey

  4. Interactive Storyboards - develop interactive visuals to represent a working interface

  5. End-user Study - test the usability of our presented approach through static and interactive storyboards


Hi-Fidelity Prototype

  1. Interactive Storyboards - produce detailed, interactive storyboards that show a working interface

  2. HTML/CSS/JavaScript - build interactive, front-end code that implements representative portions of the user interface, using canned back-end data

  3. End-user Study - test the usability of our presented approach through interactive storyboards or working code


User Testing, Project Management & Delivery

  1. Front-end Code Delivery - manage development and testing of production-grade code

  2. System Testing - test the complete system (front-end code and integrated back-office system or cloud service)

  3. Project Management - provide end-to-end project tracking and reporting

  4. End-user Study - test the usability of our presented approach through the near-release software