See A Star

See A Star’s video call platform connects superfans with athletes. The platform makes fan interactions accessible and gives time and control back to the athlete.  

Product Strategy | Customer Research | Features and Workflow
UI/UX Design | Interactive Prototype | Front-End Development | Product Testing 

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The Opportunity


American sports fans spend $56 billion on sporting events in America each year. NFL fans alone spend 46 hours per month thinking, talking, or reading about their favorite team. The See A Star team saw the potential to tap into that fierce fan loyalty and spending power.

They needed a way to connect superfans with their favorite athletes in a way that satisfied their cravings for candid, personal interactions. For the athletes, they needed a flexible, secure way to engage fans on their time, from anywhere.

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The Approach

Together with See A Star, KRUTSCH designed, built, and deployed a hybrid web app for desktop and mobile that satisfied the needs of both athletes and fans.

Athletes needed flexible, secure opportunities for fan engagement to build brands, fundraise, or make money. Fans craved accessible, personal interactions with athletes, an experience to be shared among friends.

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Beginning with customer research, we set up one-on-one interviews with athletes and superfans, gathering information to drive the design phase.

Guided by the user findings, we created a prioritized task list and feature set, followed by workflow development. The workflow focused on seamless session scheduling, streamlining the necessary steps and cooperation between athlete and fan to successfully set up a call.


To begin developing a visual language for the See A Star experience, we sketched a happy-path workflow, which was then drawn as high-fidelity screens. A cycle of iteration and rapid prototyping continued to refine the workflow and design.

The final prototype was then user tested by athletes and deployed on the App store and Google Play.




The Result

The result was a hybrid platform that allows fans to browse their favorite athletes and schedule one-on-one or group video call sessions. A bookmark feature allows users to mark and save moments from their call to download or share.

The See A Star app allows athletes to control their availability, call types, and call durations. Most importantly, it gives time and control back to the athlete, allowing them to securely engage with fans anywhere, any time.