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Client Reviews


Client Reviews

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Enterprise Storage

Parsec Labs' Lightspeed data migration appliance - An appliance-embedded, web-based app to setup, manage, and monitor all aspects of storage migration.

KRUTSCH is a technology focused Design Agency. Their cross-domain expertise is unique and it allowed my team to shift focus and energy back to our core competency.

Ken’s team solved complex problems with LightSpeed’s out-of-box experience and enterprise storage integration. Feedback has been very positive and we look forward to collaborating again with KRUTSCH. Highly recommended.
— Mark Clark, Head of Engineering and Development



Clinical Trial Patient Registration - A web-based app to create, manage, and track all aspects of clinical research studies for a DaVinci Software client.

...provided phenomenal to readily comprehend complex business processes, and created a user interface that is modern, elegant, efficient, and well-received by our customers...his knowledge of current technologies, and his natural ability to collaborate with team members were key in our product’s success.
— Michael Carston, IT Unit Head


Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Networking

Transport LR-54 Wireless, Cellular Broadband Router - a web-based setup and management experience to enable confident installation and management of a complex networking product by a wide spectrum of end-users.

...a creative and passionate UX/UI architect who has the rare ability to take a complex product and transform it so that is easy to use. For one of our products he envisioned a new user interface and took it from vision to wireframe and high-fidelity prototypes to the final implementation, skillfully refining it along the way with his incredible attention to detail.
— Harald Remmert, Director, Engineering, Digi International
 2 Patents Issued

2 Patents Issued



Human Capital Management

Orange Tree Applicant Experience - A mobile-first, web-based experience to accelerate the process of background screening job applicants, while alleviating applicant support work by hiring company.

We engaged Ken to develop a technology solution for our clients and their candidates. It became very clear early on in the process that Ken is a true user design expert. He was thoughtful, helpful, and insightful in every phase of the design process. Ken became a valuable part of our team. We have now launched our new technology and it’s a hit, we’re getting tremendous feedback. With Ken’s wisdom we launched a spectacular product!
— Renee Ernste, CEO at Orange Tree Employment Screening


Photo Sharing and Social Media

To test out photo sharing concepts, we suggested an app that brings voice annotation to a still photo as a starting point. This patent-awarded technology is the first of several solutions bringing human dialogue to images shared via social media, which has since evolved into commercial apps in the ancestry, medical and sales fields.

Ken worked with me on a number of software startups where he played an instrumental role in design, architecture and development. He and I co-authored a number of patented inventions. Ken is a strong leader who is uncommonly smart, creative and focused.
— Andrew Grossman, CEO at Ambient Consulting
 9 Patents  Issued or   Published

9 Patents
Issued or


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Land Management, Gov't

EnerGov Solutions (a Magenic client) designs, develops and supports enterprise government solutions.

In my years of working with UX designers, Ken was the first who seemed to understand the time constraints and how to work within them. The speed with which he was able to go from sketches to wire frames to full prototypes was instrumental in the project completing on time.
— Spenser Robinson, Architect at Magenic



UnitedHealth Group (Optum) is a premier, data-driven consulting organization in health and human services.

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Ken has a unique ability to understand and design solutions for business problems, keeping both human factors and technical perspectives in mind.
— Leigh Ruscher, Managing Director at OptumInsight



Safari Books Online is the premier digital library for technology, creative and business professionals.

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He came into the project and made a huge difference in terms of the final product and its usability. Ken contributed a number of unique and useful features that we had not thought of ourselves.
— Richard Monson-Haefel, Swift iOS Developer, Product Licensing


Enterprise Storage

Xiotech (X-IO) is a hardware and software OEM, designing, building and distributing a line of storage systems, industry recognized for unmatched ease-of-use.

Ken is arguably the best User Interface / User Experience (UI/UX) Architect I have ever worked with ... his focused and insightful approach made the products award-winning and customer-acclaimed. That’s what I look for in an outstanding user experience.
— Karl Schubert, CTO
 Industry Awards  or Recognition

Industry Awards
or Recognition