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Step-by-Step Patterns

Linear Information Architecture Patterns



Ordered, multi-step tasks break down complex sequences into user friendly sections.

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Horizontal Stepper

Ordered, guided instruction with easily digestible steps.


Vertical Stepper

Step-by-step form or data entry provides context: a multi-part form within a single app page using keyboard navigation.

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Data View

Information Architecture Patterns


Views by Tag

Tags filter data and are bookmarked into views for easy access and organization.


Tiled Multi-Select

Spacial multi-selection grid of data all on one page for quick scan.


Table View

Manages large, flexible amounts of data for basic creation, editing, and filtering. 


Embedded Table

Table rows provide high level report and expand into subtables for further detail and investigation.

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Information Architecture Patterns


Document Pad

A paper metaphor for a digital system, whether a portrait mode tablet or a multi-screen desktop, this pattern uses a slide-up document pad to preview, review, or edit.


Tiled landing page with a high level view of most important information.

Top Navigation

Organize and navigate between complex workflows.


Landing Page

Dashboard variant with secondary links customized to support a particular user, role, or instance. 

Expanding Sections

Accordion containers that expand and collapse allow the user to focus on relevant content.

Side Navigation

Vertical menu to easily navigate across functionally related pages.


Expanding Panel

Slide out panel to accommodate space for editing or displaying compound data.

Tabbed Perspective

Tabs show multiple perspectives of the same data.


Mobile Adaptive Patterns

Equivalent design patterns' tested interaction models scale across devices.

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Information Architecture Patterns

Error Tracking 2.png

Error Tracking

Callout highlights error and navigates user through a review within or across pages.


Sunburst graphic draws the eye and directs focus to next steps.

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Shortcut Menu

An overview of contents and one-click shortcut to embedded pages. 


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