Background screening is demanding of time, attention, and information. We helped Orange Tree clients retain candidates by increasing engagement and reducing time to hire. 

Product Strategy | Customer Research | Features and Workflow
UI/UX Design | Front-End Development

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The Opportunity

After 20 years of experience, Orange Tree understood the demands and stakes of the background screening process.

They knew that to enhance the candidate and client experience, they needed to reduce screening turnaround time and to alleviate applicant support by the hiring company.

To do this, they needed a way to increase candidate communication and engagement while easing anxiety surrounding the background screening process. 



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The Approach

Together with Orange Tree, Krutsch developed a mobile first web app that imparts a feeling of control to the job applicant during the screening process, reducing anxiety and eliminating time intensive phone queries.

Knowing that security is critical, the app provided a way for employer and applicant to process personal information safely and securely.


The Approach

We performed the initial user experience research and iterative designs, co-developed with the Orange Tree’s team members, followed-up with our own team of seasoned user interface developers.

The end result was a working front-end that feathers into the Orange Tree’s existing back-office systems. This project demonstrates our approach to holistic usability - platforms that look and feel good to customers - with a sustainable, debt-free technical backbone.  

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The Impact

After launching CandidateConnect™, Orange Tree reported a reduced background screen turnaround time by half a day.

They also saw increased communication and engagement from candidates, evident in text progress notifications read within an average of 3 seconds.

Increased communication and engagement caused fewer candidates to drop out during the background screening process, resulting in increased candidate retention.

Over 90% of candidates surveyed found CandidateConnect™ “Easy to Use”.

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We engaged KRUTSCH to develop an engaging technology solution for our clients and their candidates. It became very clear early on in the process that they are true user design experts. They were thoughtful, helpful, and insightful in every phase of the design process. They became a valuable part of our team. We have now launched our new technology and it’s a hit, we’re getting tremendous feedback.
— Renee Ernste, CEO at Orange Tree Employment Screening