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Clients ask: “...tell us about your process or design principles.” I am going to do something far more valuable: I am going to write about what has worked and what has not worked. In the weeks ahead, I will post a series of bite-sized articles that encapsulate the life-cycle of product design and user experience (UX), across a variety of industries, with clients both large and small, with consumer and commercial projects.

Trust me: you will have fun reading these and you will learn something new.

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Go out into the field and rap to these people

Tools like mixpanel or SurveyMonkey provide insight into what end-users are doing within your app or service. These tools may even help gauge overall customer satisfaction, but that’s the not the critical part of the story.  A well-executed user study will drive impactful user experience design (UXD), leading to beautiful things that engage your customers and create competitive advantage.

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