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Planning for the development of successful commercial products is very, very hard. In my experience, it is more difficult than the actual development process.

I’ve spent my 30 year career designing and building commercial software and digital services. I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of launching successful products and I’ve also been lucky enough to be a part of disastrous failures. I say “lucky” for both the good and bad, because I believe you learn as much from failure as you do from success.

Fast forward to today, I am leading a small team of talented creatives and developers. We dig deep into our client’s product requirements, because they come to us to help them realize their vision for a better tomorrow.

We are polite but firm on a team policy of not proceeding with design work until we have performed due diligence – competitive analysis, as well as a customer or end-user study.

Because solving the right problem builds careers, organizations and professional relationships.

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Kenneth Krutsch

I’m a seasoned technology and operations executive, product architect, and user experience designer.

My mission in life is to create great products and customer experiences. My design and technical creativity has garnered the industry's highest recognition.

Of note is Aireo for SoniqCast (CES Best of Show finalist in the Portable DAV category) and ICON Manager, winning numerous Editor’s Choice Awards as well as Best of Show finalist at VMworld. My clients benefit from 14 US patents, awarded as a result of my inventive product design.

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Emma Aversa

I’m a user experience designer focused on creating clean and simple, function-forward solutions.

My background in architectural design informs how I build digital experiences that aim to delight and inform.

I’m an empathetic listener, detail driven creator, and eager to learn self starter.

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Rachelle Abernathy

I'm a graphic designer whose work focuses on integrating beauty into the pragmatic function of our everyday life. I am a creative thinker, a perceptive collaborator, and an enthusiastic worker.

I believe in fostering a collaborative team dynamic to best serve our customers, and am committed to finding creative and efficient solutions to design and business challenges.

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Arthi Amaran

I’m a designer with 15 years of experience designing enterprise applications for big data, governance, data storage and healthcare.

I've worked in the US and India, and successfully lead end-to-end design efforts with global development teams.

My design philosophy is to simplify the complex and to create clean, meaningful and beautiful experiences. My areas of interest include data visualization and big data analytics.

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Clayton Darwin, Ph.D.

I'm a linguist with an extensive background in programming and data interpretation.

As a technical problem solver for the team, my primary focus is the design and coding of principled systems for managing and processing textual data in support of various client software systems. I also handle more routine technical tasks such as to document conversion, text extraction, collection management, and archiving.

Three of my four patents were awarded on behalf of our clients for design work coupled with computational linguistics.

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Developer Partner: ZOOL

At ZOOL, we bridge the gap between technology and design as we respect and adopt design process and appreciate what good UX does for an application.

Our partnership with KRUTSCH is entering its fourth year, with a number of successful digital products designed by KRUTSCH and deployed by their clients.